Monday, April 12, 2010

a brief summary of the weekend

this weekend. full.

a beautiful wedding. one of the kid's babysitters got married. daniel and mercy were so excited to get to go. mercy wanted to wear her new stripy dress and leggings. so she did. gracie even matched and then i made a last minute call and dropped her off at grandma's so we could enjoy the wedding. we did.

small group. mad dash cleaning through the house while eric worked on outside chores. made macaroni & cheese with sausage (my kids' favorite) to take to uncle andy's for dinner, since he was watching all three kiddos solo (mom & dad had their own small group to go to).

first church service. first time in a month that i'd been able to enjoy the service without having to leave halfway through to help in a sunday school class. refreshing. such good worship. nourishing for my already tired spirit.

first birthday party. mercy got to go to a second cousin's party. sunshine. princess crown. jewels. too busy playing to bother with lunch. sweet cake and ice cream. goodie bags.

second birthday party. my mom's. i forgot. but my brother and hubby took care of it all. such a reversal of roles for me. getting over my guilt and trying to remember the opportunity it gave them to shine. they did.

second church service. ron hanson, an old friend talked about his recent work team trip to haiti. photos. restless gracie & chloe t. thoughts about renewing my passport. eric getting one for the first time. wondering if we will get a turn.

cake. back to mom & dad's for cake. in-laws came, too.

full. incredibly full and wonderful weekend. relieved it's done.


  1. Wow - those shots of the girls... they are precious! Thank you for taking some photos! It was full weekend...

  2. Kim, I'm so sorry that I forgot to bring the photos with me to MOPS this morning. I think we will be at dinner tomorrow night. I'll do my best to remember them :) Don't worry, I got a lot of other kids, just didn't post them on my blog :)