Saturday, April 10, 2010

Make-it: Personalized Memory Game

Last night after the kiddos were tucked into bed I worked on this project. I have seen this project done in half a dozen places all over blogland. But I was inspired most recently by this post. I love the tutorials that leave you thinking, "I think I could do that." (That's how I define a good tutorial.) You should try it.

I did a lot of things differently, because I wasn't making it for a gift and I wanted to use only supplies I had on hand (rubber cement & a deep purple card stock). I also made 36 cards because I had a lot of pictures I wanted to use. 

Tip: When using rubber cement, the key is to cover BOTH the back of the photo and the front of the card stock and let BOTH pieces DRY before attaching. Sounds strange, but it's a trick I learned in college when I was using a lot of rubber cement to attach projects to mounting board. It will NOT peel away if you do this.

If I do this again (they would make GREAT birthday gifts for young cousins, nieces, or nephews with photos you get from their parents)... I would design and print a backside of the card. I would print those up and adhere it to the other side of the card stock. How cute would that be?!

My kids loved these simple ones. They already played the game this morning. Even Gracie, who isn't yet two, wanted to sit and look through the cards.

Side Note: Don't you love my tulips? My sweet friend dropped those off for me yesterday! I feel so loved. Tulips are my favorite. Our anniversary is on Tuesday and we had tulips at our wedding. So I look at our dining room table and just smile. Thank you, sweet friend Kim. (Check out her blog here.)


  1. Cami, I love this idea!

    I just read your comment on Ruth's blog and it reminded me of your blog, I haven't been here in a while!

  2. There is a similar game that you can build yourself on a web site called Match The Memory. You upload your pictures and choose fonts and colors, and the site does all of the work to create cards with your personalized text and photos.

    But it's not just for printing your custom memory game -- anyone can also play the game online. There are cute sound effects, and you can add a specific message that pops up with each match. My young daughter loves to play the games and find the photos of her friends and family members.