Thursday, April 15, 2010

Spiritual Thirst

Sunday Pastor Eric preached. (When did we start calling our pastors by their first names? I don't really like it.) I love it when it's his turn (we have multiple pastors at our church). He preaches directly from God's word. Have you ever noticed how that isn't too common anymore? Preachers tend to talk about topics and throw in a scripture or two that support their point. Not Pastor Eric. He preaches verse by verse through a passage. I think that's considered old-fashioned. I need it, maybe I'm the only one. I actually took notes and looked at them later.

A friend told me once that when they were in Africa they'd be outside and not know how thirsty they were until they took that first drink of water. Suddenly they couldn't get enough. That's how I felt Sunday morning.

Are you thirsty? I am. I haven't been spending enough time in God's word.

My kids are spending three video tickets to watch a movie. I've made my cup of coffee, so I'm going to crack open my Bible and read as long as I can this morning.

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