Friday, April 16, 2010

Strawberry Rhubarb Yum

My all-time favorite Summer dessert has become this Rhubarb Strawberry Crunch. The first time I figured out how many Weight Watchers points it was I was appalled (I think it's 13 per serving). Believe it or not, it's worth it!

My father-in-law is having eyelid surgery today, so we are taking them dinner this evening. I thought this would make a perfect excuse to indulge in a yummy dessert. Plus Eric just told me that there was rhubarb ready in our garden. Would hate for that to go to waste. Did I mention Haggen has strawberries on SALE?

So... here are pictures of the process, which my girls helped me with.

When I was sprinkling on the topping I realized that I usually only make HALF the amount of topping that the recipe calls for because there is so much of it. The good new is, the Weight Watchers points are calculated on using the WHOLE topping. So I'm sure that the points are just over half of the original amount.

I hope these photos have made you want to go pick rhubarb and run to Haggen for some fresh strawberries.


  1. recipe? I love anything rhubarb, and that looks YUMMY!

  2. You and your girls are so cute! I can't believe that the girls are even wearing matching shirts at home, I love it. It looks amazing and now I really want to get the ingrediants to make it.

  3. Follow the link for the recipe (at the top of the page, roll over the word THIS). Or if you just want to type in this:

  4. Angela, things aren't always as good as they look. The girls matched head to toe for about 30 minutes this morning until Mercy WET through everything. Potty training isn't going so well. The girls usually pick out their outfits. Some days they want to match, some days NOT. I try not to stress about it, unless we're taking family photos :)

  5. great pic of the three of you! Keep the recipes coming, love em!