Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WFMW: DIY Preschooler Tent

I sure wish I'd thought of this earlier. Make a quick easy tent that's even easier to clean up.

Supplies Needed:
4 kitchen chairs
1 twin (or full) fitted sheet
4 rubber bands (optional, I didn't need to use them)

Space your chairs approximately the size of your bed sheet. Add a bit of extra security with a rubber band at each of the four corners if desired. Use a sturdier rubber band if you have older kids.

Easy, cute, and faster to clean up than half a dozen blankets. Plus, you can see what your kids are doing in their "tent". My girls love to use their pink and white polk-a-dot sheet. But if you are a Pottery Barn Mom and want your tent to match the decor in your living room you could buy a flat sheet for just this purpose.

I do this almost every time I need to sweep and mop the dining room and kitchen floor. 

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