Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Swimming Lesson at Warm Beach Camp

I grew up at Warm Beach Camp and my first pool experience was there. So it seemed appropriate that when WBC scheduled swimming lessons that I sign up Daniel and Mercy. They had a Pre-Beginner class for ages 3-6. Daniel hates the water, even baths (he hates getting water in his eyes). Mercy, on the other hand, has been so excited about getting to go swimming and has informed me on multiple occasions that she already knows how to swim. Okay. Not so much, but I'm thankful for her fearless confidence. Daniel was dreading the lesson and informed me he didn't want to go and wasn't going to go in the water.

We arrived Monday night for the first class. The instructor (Miss Lydia) hadn't arrived yet (traffic delay) and so Mr. Joe started the class. Sixty seconds sitting on the steps and he's talking about splashing and putting their heads under water. I'm thinking, he's definitely used to teaching the older kids! This is never going to work. But Daniel was at least sitting IN the water, which was more than I had expected. Mr. Joe did know a really cool Fire Truck song that the boys liked.

There were only five kids in their class. I don't have permission to post pictures of his friends, so I won't (I did get the back of the head of one of his classmates that I couldn't resist posting because it shows the three red-heads in class.)

Then Miss Lydia their instructor arrived and she was just wonderful! She was a natural with little kids. She talked about just getting one ear wet. Then the other. Then, what about a nose. She had the kids splash HER. I love the pictures of Mercy really getting into it. I love how Daniel is covering his face in one, too!

Miss Lydia had them do the "motor boat". I was particularly proud of Daniel. He was the second to do it, following the big girl in the class who I was pretty sure had been in swimming classes before. Mercy did it too.

All the way home they talked about how much fun they had and how excited they were for their next lesson.

I love Warm Beach Camp!

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  1. What a cute family you have. It has been YEARS since we have talked. Great to see you are all doing well.