Friday, May 21, 2010

Happy 2nd Birthday Gracie Jean

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Gracie's birthday didn't turn out like I had planned. With both sides of the family so close we always get multiple birthday celebrations. Every birthday seems to work differently. Almost two years ago we decided that on the actual day we would celebrate by going out to ice cream, wherever we were, just us. That way there was some specific tradition the kids could look forward to on the actual day.

We tried to do that last night. We were at Dairy Queen in town. Eric was getting the kids seated while I went up to order. Before I'd gotten our order placed he came around the corner and told me we wouldn't be staying. Mercy was sick. I thanked the kid behind the counter and went to check on Mercy. She had thrown up all over the table, down her shirt, jeans and even onto the floor under the table. She had vomit in her hair. I wanted to cry. I didn't even know where to start to clean her up. But I remained calm and tried to talk soothingly to her. When she realized we wouldn't be able to stay for Dilly Bars she started to cry. While I stripped her right there in the restaurant, so as not to leave a vomit trail, I promised her popsicles when we got home. Daddy carried her to the car while I tried to clean up the best I could with napkins and a rag. After talking to the young cashier again, she assured me she would take care of getting everything cleaned up and sanitized. She was really sweet, but she hadn't yet seen the mess we had left for her to deal with. I had are hard time keeping my own tummy from reacting and I'm the mommy.

At home the girls both got baths (separately so as not to contaminate further) and pajamas. Then the promised popsicles, sickness forgotten. Gracie seemed to be just as delighted with the ten cent popsicle.

Happy Birthday, Gracie Jean. We'll remember this birthday and laugh. I love the pictures I got, especially since they weren't taken at Dairy Queen. There is something wonderful about that fresh out of the bath hair and sweet cucumber melon smell that reminds me how good it is to be your mommy.

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  1. Poor Mercy, it is one thing to get sick at home but out in public. Oh Cami, I am so sorry. This will be one birthday you won't forget.