Thursday, May 27, 2010

I didn't get a chance to pull the blue towel out of the frame of the picture. This was one of those moments where I just grabbed the camera, not wanting to disturb what was happening and loose the picture.

Gracie has been going through that favorite stage of mine where she wants whatever either Daniel or Mercy has. It's suddenly "M . I . N. E ." in a very high pitched squeal. We'd finished dinner and Mercy was looking at a catalog on the couch. Gracie started to make a bee-line towards her. I was bracing myself for the squeal. She wrapped one arm around Mercy's waist and said, loudly, "MY SISTER." Mercy wrapped her arm around Gracie and I ran for the camera bag.

What a glorious moment. I hope there are more of them, but just in case they are far and few between, I have it documented!

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