Thursday, May 20, 2010

MOPS Mentors Poster

This project was so fun. My friend Linda is involved with MOPS. She's going to a reunion this summer and wanted to be able to share about her involvement in the the ministry that she cares about so much. The poster that MOPS sent her didn't directly speak to the mentorship opportunity that MOPS provides, so she wondered if we could put something together that spoke to that specifically. Of course we could. So we got to set up this fun poster. The best part was getting to use a picture of people in our actual MOPS program. The personal element changes everything, in my opinion. She got the poster printed yesterday and she sounded so pleased. Last night I told my husband that doing something like this for someone just made me so happy.

What are you doing for someone that makes you happy?

1 comment:

  1. I love it Camilla. I think having the mentors was always my favorite thing about Mops. I hope they'll use that poster for something else, like some kind of advertising in the community.

    The other day my friend and I went and prayed for my parents because they're having a difficult time with my brothers as I think you've heard me mention on my blog. I felt so good about it afterward, like I done something to help instead of just thought about it like I usually do:)