Thursday, May 6, 2010

An Old Friend

I was so fortunate this morning. My mom watched the kids so I could go to coffee with a friend. Trisha and I taught at the same school a decade ago. She has the cutest little guy who is just about four months old. She says he never sleeps, but he's happy. And he is. Baby L. was the cutest little flirt, full of smiles and lots of charm the entire two hours while we talked. It was so good to catch up. We talked about old friends and places that I miss. We talked about new motherhood and the adventures that are ahead. All that and a good cup of coffee too. Life is sweet.


  1. So glad you had two had a chance to visit. It makes me happy too!

  2. Thanks, Ruth & Shannon. I had such a lovely time. I couldn't get over what a cutie little L. is. Such a flirt. He was all smiles. He made me feel special. And Trisha was as sweet as always. So fun to visit!