Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Oldest and the Youngest

I just love to watch Evan with Gracie, they have a special relationship. Evan is the oldest grandchild and Gracie is the youngest. I remember when Eric and I were dating I often heard about how when Megan was born she and Uncle Eric had a special connection. Whenever she was fussy, the story goes, the only one who could get her to settle down was Uncle Eric. They told this, I'm sure, to not so subtly assure me that Eric was going to make a good daddy. And he has. (I think I already mentioned that he watched all three kids by himself TWO nights this weekend. Afterwards he told me he was exhausted. He said I could do it again, but maybe just ONE night next time and that it was a very good thing I wasn't gone all WEEK. I said it was a good thing I didn't take up hunting. He quickly got my point.)

Last Sunday night we got together with the family to do some planning for our Summer Road Trip to Mississippi. Gracie couldn't get enough of Evan. At one point when he was stretched out on the kitchen floor she just climbed on top of him and put her head down on his. It was so sweet.

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