Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Passing the Hat

Photo courtesy of Angela. Check out her blog here.

I've officially taken off my MOPS Discussion Group Coordinator (DGL) hat. I like to think I passed it on to my sweet friend Angela, who was in my DGL group this year. Angela has signed on to be apart of the MOPS DGL Team next year. I am so thrilled. She is going to be wonderful. I think sometimes we assume that a group leader has to be someone who is tremendously outgoing and fearless with people. You know the kind I'm referring to... a real dynamic charismatic personality that takes charge of a situation with ease. Sometimes that is the best fit. And sometimes the best fit is someone who quietly slips in and makes people feel comfortable with a few carefully chosen kind words or thoughtful encouragement or a reassuring eye contact, smile, and nod when someone is sharing something personal. This is how I see Angela. I know she is going to do a wonderful job caring for the women in her group next year because she has already been doing it all year in our own group. I watched her quietly connect with each of the women in the group. It made me smile and it made me feel like I wasn't out there alone. I don't know if I will be lucky enough to get Angela as my DGL in the DGL group lottery, but I hope I do (unless God's got a different plan in mind).

I'm not graduating out of MOPS (I still have preschoolers). I'm putting on a new hat, Publicity. This "hat" is probably better described as a comfortable pair of jeans for me. (Hats, much like the DGL role, make me feel self-conscience and bit awkward and uncomfortable. God used the "hat" to stretch me and teach me about myself and others.) Working with publicity I'll get to help keep the ladies informed of all the fun opportunities MOPS has to offer, from play dates and field trips to work projects and consignments sales.

What changes are you looking forward to?


  1. Thanks for making me cry!!!! :) Your post was so sweet and it's something I will literally go back and read when I'm having a hard day.

  2. Angela, I do hope it encourages you on those hard days. God has hand picked you for this role at this time. You are going to be able to minister to certain women in a way another could not. Look for those special opportunities next year, but don't wait until then. I love you!

  3. I love MOPS and was a DGL this year. I'm taking a break next year with #2 coming but I am still looking forward to going! Glad to hear that it is so good for other mamas too!