Monday, May 17, 2010

Road Trip: A friend

God must love me. I have "met" Donna. Donna is married to one of Eric's cousins (Stacy) who lives in Mississippi. Donna and I have been exchanging emails over the last week and I feel like I am getting to know Donna and her sweet family. Did I mention I really like her? Oh I do. She's got the photography bug and we are going to swap tips and trade secrets and maybe even get in a couple of fun photo shoots with the cousins. She so graciously offered for us to stay with them while we are visiting. Now I can't wait (fears aside because I am really trying to block out that issue and I know Donna's got my back).

I wish we were leaving next week! But I'm thankful for the time I still have because we aren't really ready to take off on our adventure. I still have maps to make for the kids, clothes shopping to do for Eric and Daniel, luggage to get custom made by my brother, and housing cleaning to do (in case I die on our trip because how awful would it be if people had to go through your stuff after your death and your house was a mess and people wondered how you ever lived in that chaos). Eric has a big list too. And the kids have swimming lessons to take (which start tonight).

But back to the point.

So you see, God must love me. He has already given me a friend in Mississippi, not just family. Lucky me.


  1. you are so dang cute! i saw this today & thought of you guys.

    thought the photo perspective of setting the camera on the dash & looking into the car was a fun one. thought it'd be a fun add to your trip pics. :)


  2. Eric is talking about setting up the web cam on his notebook so that we can get little short video clips too to upload. But I am not sure we want to be THAT transparent. :)