Sunday, May 30, 2010

Road Trip: Surprises

One of the best memories I have from my childhood was a train trip that my family took back East to see family. I remember my parents having little gifts along the trip for us to open. I couldn't tell you what some of the things were, but I remember it being so exciting to have something new to unwrap and it seemed to make the trip go by more quickly with small things to look forward to along the way.

So, I have wrapped up some fun little surprises for my kids. My brother and my mother think that I'm a little over the top with my custom Road Trip labels for the gifts, wrapped in brown paper and blue ribbons. But, I'm hoping that I'm helping to create a fun memory for the kids.

Those of you who are practically minded, if you look closely you might see that each of the gifts is numbered. I have a master list of the items I've wrapped. I can check my list for an appropriate gift for the moment. Then I can cross it off my list, so I know what I still have left. I'm hoping this helps us to pace ourselves along the trip. It would be so sad if we got there and had opened ALL the gifts and we had nothing left for the return journey!

Post Road Trip Update: This was by far the BEST thing that I did. The kids LOVED, LOVED, LOVED getting to open up something new. Some things were a bigger hit than others, as you will see when you follow us along the trip. But this, in my mind, is a MUST for any road trip you are planning!


  1. One, Two, Three and me...May 31, 2010 at 11:29 PM

    I think I am going to pack my bag and come along... what fun and what blessed kids!

  2. We would so love it! I don't think you'd like the pace we're going to try to keep the first 24 hours though. I'm hoping that biting off a big chunk at the front of the trip doesn't exhaust us too much for everything after that!