Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thing 1, Thing 2 Baby Shower

We started out with some fun invitations to friends and family of Kristin's who didn't attend our church. This was a church shower, so most of the inviting was done through church. I did up a PowerPoint slide advertising the shower.

Then I started thinking through food and decorations. I needed it to be simple because my budget was limited. Using some glass jars that I got at Michaels (40% off) and some fun ribbon (50% off) I was able to make things look classy.
Friends of Kristin's helped to provide the food. We had lots of fun red and blue foods: strawberries, hot tamales, cherry slices, JELLO Jigglers. Other foods included: mini brownies and white chocolate covered pretzels.
I found a great red slush punch online here. I think at least ten people asked me for the recipe. It was delicious and super easy.
One of my favorite people in the whole world, Abby, made these super cute Thing 1, Thing 2 cup cakes. They weren't just adorable, they were also SO delicious. We got the idea here. I knew she could pull it off. I would I have just had a glob-by blue mess if I'd tried.

We wanted to have some fun activities too. We set up a little photo booth with props for taking pictures for Kristin's baby book. I can't remember where I originally saw the idea, but it was in multiple places online.

I thought this was fun. We did TWIN Baby Babble. It's the same thing as Baby Babble, a game I found online, except that there are TWO of every letter in the scrambled word(s). After all, twins are at least twice as hard.

We tried to do something things meant just to be helpful. The first thing we had were little wisdom cards for friends and family to fill out.

The other thing we did was buy a card for ladies to leave their name and phone number if they were willing to "sign-up" to be called upon when Kristin has a need once the babies arrive.

And of course one of the main reasons for the party was to shower Kristin with gifts, because she's going to need a lot! And she got a lot of lovely gifts.

While Kristin opened her gifts the kids played. I'd made little mini Dr. Seuss coloring books for the kids to color.

I had so much fun and hoped that everyone else did too! I have a couple of friends (sweet sisters) who are pregnant, due this fall. I'm hoping I'm lucky enough to be in the group of ladies that their baby showers!


  1. Looks like loads of fun! A little bird told me it was! I love the photo booth shots!

  2. Oh did a great job!!! What fun you must have had coming up with all the fun things to do to honor thing one and thing two even before they make their official arrival

  3. Kristin's shower was so much fun and I loved all the cute details. I smiled when I read your last paragraph about the sisters having their babies in the fall.....I think I know those girls. :)

  4. love all the decorations- what a fun theme! If you need another I have a blog saved withe the cutest book themed shower. Cute!

  5. You did an awesome job on the baby shower. The theme, food and decorations were delightful.
    Way to go.

  6. I really like your writing style, wonderful info , appreciate it for putting up : D.

  7. For the TWIN baby babble, what are the answers, we can't figure 1 of them out.!! please help

    1. Never thought to post the answers. Sorry. They are:
      double stroller
      car seats
      high chairs
      baby powder

      Hopefully that helps!

    2. Thank you, but just to put it out there, u mispelled pacifiers on the game sheet ( that why we couldn't figure it out!! )

    3. Wow! Thanks for catching my mistake. I don't think that was caught at the baby shower I threw (but it was almost two years ago now, so I don't trust my memory). I went ahead and changed the originally file and updated the JPG, so it should be accurate now. Thanks for letting me know so that I could correct it.