Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Women's Retreat Recap

What an amazing group of women went to Women's Retreat at Warm Beach Camp this weekend. These are all ladies from our church (with the exception of the lady on the left in the white coat, she was some random lady at the retreat who was having too much fun and wanted to jump in on our picture). Don't you think Abby (the red-head on the right) could be my younger sister? I heard her daughter tell a friend once, "That lady looks like my mommy, but she's not." Abby's about a decade younger than me, so of course I have wallowed in that compliment for years. But my wallowing is causing me to wander.

Back to Warm Beach Camp and Babbie Mason, she was great, but wasn't the one who had the biggest impact on my weekend experience. Saturday night we were sitting in the Program Center, just before the evening service (which was intense and the finale of which I may never forget). Linda W. was to my left and to the left of her was my friend Julie. Julie started talking about Mr. Clean Magic Erasers. I love them and had to jump in with my enthusiasm, to match hers. (Julie is an enthusiastic person.) Seeing my reaction, Linda said, "Wow, it's really great to see you excited about something." She didn't know it, but inside I stopped dead in my tracks.

My brother had asked me about a week ago if I was really happy. I hadn't given him much of a response, not really knowing what he was trying to get at. Then Linda, one of my favorite people (and a Mentor Mom at MOPS) had been used by God to quickly and skillfully cut through the skin to expose my heart.

Joy. The joy of the Lord. It isn't readily evident in my life to the casual (or not so casual) observer. So, I am praying that the Lord fills my heart with that kind of joy.


  1. Women's Retreat was so amazing! I'm so glad I was able to be there with you and all the other amazing ladies! Isn't it amazing how a little comment like Linda's can get right through to our heart? I love reading your blog, by the way. :)

  2. Angela, you are so sweet.

    You're right on both counts. The weekend was amazing and it's truly amazing how GOD uses simple words to speak deep into our hearts, often at unexpected places.

    I love keeping up with your blog, too. I love the window into who you are it provides, despite the busy life of motherhood.