Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Boy Baby Shower

I had fun helping the church receptionist with a baby shower. I did the decorating, with my mom and dad's help. The lovely couple (a pastor intern at our church and his wife) were "showered" with a mountain of gifts. Sweet. There were tons of adorable little clothes. I think the little guy will have something new to wear every day for quite a while. Of course, with the number of times newborns get a full clothing change a day those clothing items will get worn a few times at least!

We kept things simple. I hung two clothes lines with some basic onesies, alternating white with some colorful ones. Then we hung some colorful tissue pom poms. I made these using the Martha Stewart tutorial found here. So simple. So easy and inexpensive. Walmart has packages of tissue paper for just $1.

For food we had cake, but then we also had animal crackers, malt balls, pretzels, honey nut cheerios, and mints.

These little napkins and plates, Tickled Blue, were my starting point and inspiration from which to work.

It was fun. Most importantly, I think the mother and father-to-be felt showered with love!

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