Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 1: Friday and Saturday

1:47 pm Drive out the driveway.

1:53 pm Daniel has to go potty.

2:03 pm We pull off at the first rest stop. Little concerned that this is how it's going to be. We're already cracking out the first "surprise," the "Are We There Yet?" DVD that teacheds them road games.

2:13 pm 74 deggrees and lovely.

2:30 pm We hit 405 and Gracie nods off to sleep.

3:03 pm We break out the Learning Notebook packet for Washington state and the first Road Trip Tickets. Fifteen minutes and there are coloring sheets litering the back seat. Second guessing my desire to infuse some education into the journey.

3:28 pm Daniel notiecs snow on the mountains.

4:04 pm State patrolman buzzes by and just misses catching me unbuckled to reaching for some entertainment supplies. Going to need to be more careful.

4:47 pm Beautiful stacks of orchard boxes outside of Yakima.

4:49 pm McDonalds. Gracie has wet through outfit #1. No Happy Meals, but very happy kids to be out of the van.

5:53 pm Back on the road again. Opened up the dry erase drawing boards I got for the kids for a dollar each. Huge success. Forty-five minutes of straight bicker-free entertainment. Well worth the black fingers and polk-a-dots on faces.

6:13 pm 81 degrees and heavenly warmth. My bones are thawing out.

6:42 pm Geranimo Stilton on CD, one of Daniel's favorites.

7:17 pm Cross over the bridge into Oregon.

7:29 pm Gracie is getting extremely fussy. Wondering how this is going to work. Feeling doubtful that sanity will still be with us all in the morning.

8:21 pm Stopped to fuel, didn't make it as far as hoped before stopping, but Daniel had to go potty. Pull out bedtime blankets and stuffed animals. Feeling hopeful that everyone will snuggle in and Eric and I will get to listen to the MONK book I got from the library on CD soon.

8:39 pm Gracie starts to settle down. Daniel starts to complain, insisting he wants to sleep at a hotel. I pull out a "surprise," light sabers. Perfect now that it is getting dark. The light sticks entertain for a while.

9:27 pm Gracie is singing along with Praise Baby, the wrong song, but definitely one of the Praise Baby songs.

9:30 pm Mercy falls asleep.

9:45 pm Writing nots now is almost impossible because it's black as charcoal out. The light of Eric's GPS software on his notebook isn't enough to scratch out notes by. We turn on MONK.

11:47 pm All three are finally asleep after much screaming about how uncomfortable they are and how they want to go to a hotel. Eventually they all fall asleep.

1:39 am Realize we need to fuel up. Pull off. Gracie wakes up and starts screaming. The other two wake up grumpy as well.

It's a terribly long night. Much discomfort. Daniel, who has whined the most about having to spend the night in the van, ends up being the only one who gets back to sleep for longer than five or ten minutes. Somewhere along the early morning hours the time changes.

4:47 am Eric pulls over and asks me to drive. It's flat and straight and no cars in sight. I gladly take the wheel. Within the hour we are heading towards Salt Lake City and I'm uptight about driving through the city on absolutely no sleep when the sun is coming up.

6:53 am We stop for breakfast at McDonalds.

8:05 am Everyone is feeling a lot better, energized. We hit the roads again. I notice dark redish purple circles around the girls' eyes and I feel bad and very anxious for Farmington, New Mexico and our beds.

8:09 am I notice these monstrously huge windwills and am amazed. Things like that done' usualy amaze me, I don't notice them. Must be feeling a little better.

9:45 am Another potty break and Eric gets the computer out for me to type in my notes for the blog.

10:04 am Just drove by a gas station in Utah. "Don't think they've been open for a long time. $1.89 for gas."

10:21 am Just checked how many more miles to go, we're just under two hundred. Woohoo!

10:57 am Potty stop that looked pretty desolate. Thought about snakes and almost didn’t go, but Mercy and Daniel needed to go, so I went in. No snakes. We put away the craft supplies and pulled out the camera Uncle Andy was loaning us for the trip for the kids to use.

11:24 am 91 degrees of wonderful warmth.

12:47 pm Park across from the gas station about 70 miles still from Four Corners. Kids played and even got a little sunburn. They needed to not be buckled in for a while.

1:50 pm Tired and grumpy and still not at Four Corners. I said mean things to Eric. Had to apologize and talk out some things. Felt better after a while.

2:59 pm Can’t get over how much the landscape here reminds me of Haiti.

3:09 pm Climbed over seats while car was moving to find the Lego Movie out of the “surprise” bag. Frustrated that I had to use my one Ace up my sleeve on the first “day”.

3:22 pm Finally arrived at Four Corners, after getting a little lost, only to see this big sign. Laughed so hard thought I was going to have an accident.

4:33 pm Arrived at The Hampton Inn in Farmington, New Mexico. Our room looks a little like I imagine Heaven to look upon arrival.

6:22 pm Take a bite of the best pizza I have ever had at a little local place called Three Rivers Pizzaria. Told Eric I would come back to Farmington again sometime just for the pizza (and Four Corners).

**Disclaimer: I took a ton of great pictures. Running into the challenge of needing to edit and/or rotate photos (didn't realize how many vertical pictures I took) without any of my software. Also, it takes a lot longer to upload photos when you have to upload them full-size. So... I know that later I will post on my other website the whole enchilada, so to speak. But for now... you have a little flavor of the day.


  1. Coffee and your blog in the morning! Nothing better! Kevin and I giggled and giggled! Would love it if you send some warmth our way! Soak it in!

  2. You made it through the first stretch of the journey. I laughed and laughed. I can so remember those days. Now you know why we have had motorhomes for travel. I will continue to pray and laugh as I read your blog. Love you guys.

  3. It sounds like you are making really good time! I'm really enjoying reading about your adventures! Praying for safe travels for you and your family!

  4. One, Two, Three and me...June 20, 2010 at 11:33 PM

    I cried for you and laughed for you all through the post! Miss you and how wonderful you are to keep such a record of your trip! You are going to look back and LOVE this! Praying for no snakes and safety!

  5. So glad that I made you ALL laugh. I didn't mean to, but boy have we had some FUNNY moments. Not that they all felt funny at the time.

    I continue to covet prayers from ALL of you. Thank you!!!!