Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day Eight: Saturday

Siblings and Offspring Reunion

I think I already mentioned what a good night’s sleep we had last night. It is worth repeating.

When we got up Donna cooked up a huge Southern breakfast… eggs, both fried and scrambled, sausage, biscuits, and blueberries; washed down with orange juice. Yum! The kids loved playing with the wonderful train set! Daniel loved the fabulous rope swing too! (No, I'm not out in the yard. I'm inside, still avoiding any opportunity to socialize with SNAKES!)

After breakfast Mom and Dad watched the kids up at Ruth and LC’s place. Stacey and Donna were generous enough to run us into Raleigh to the grocery store to pick up part of our contribution to the meal at Kathy’s (Matriarch Betty Sue’s daughter). They were kind enough to give us the grand tour of town. We saw the two “mansions” in town, one belonging to the sole doctor and the other belonging to one of the many lawyers with practices in town.

When we got back to Ruth and LC’s I fixed up our fruit tray. Then we loaded up the kids (and fruit) and drove the hour to Kathy’s house.

Matt Craft, enjoying the incredible pool.
Can't tell if this is Lauren Blue or Sarah Craft. The cousins are literally the same height and build. One has dark hair and one has light. Wet hair and goggles makes identification tricky for me.
Watching the kids in the pool.
Dad with his sister Betty Sue.
Mom holding Gracie while she slept (pretty much all they way until lunch).
Gracie enjoying WATER from a Coke can. Tastes so good that way!
Refilling the coke can.
Second cousins.
Gracie totally enjoying the dog!
Danny and Tammy Jo, next to Donna (our wonderfully hospitable host in Mississippi) and her daughter Sarah (whose room we got to enjoy).
Gracie enjoying Evan. She got REALLY attached to Evan this trip!

I could hardly believe how many people showed up. Somebody said they counted 55. Keep in mind this is ONLY Dad’s SIBLINGS and their offspring. Truly amazing to me. We met some new people to me, but mostly we spent time visiting again with the Swain side of the family and the Craft side of the family, since we already feel like they are friends (not just family).We had a really great time visiting, especially after we’d eaten. Tammy Jo made her way over to the table I had been sitting at with the kids. She said she had to tell me something. She said they were leaving her mom and dad’s place just an hour after we did and driving out they saw a big snake crossing the driveway. It reminded me again about how the Lord has protected me from my deepest fears.

The evening was spent at Stacy and Donna’s. Donna sat with me while I updated the blog for the last couple of days. We chatted late into the evening again. It was a really nice, relaxing evening.

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  1. That is Sarah in the picture. I can tell because I know its her swimming suit! :) Those two and then Evan and Matt really looked alike.