Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day Eleven: Tuesday

Departure Day

5:55 am Gracie hollers out once. She falls back to sleep, but I use it as my alarm clock and go ahead and get up. We want to be on the road by seven, if possible.

6:13 am I get back from my shower to find Daddy and Daniel up. Daniel is doing the jidder bug, waiting to go potty.

6:55 am Aware of our plan for an early departure, Mom and Dad show up to say good-bye. They are staying around another day before starting their trip home.

7:39 am Feels “cool” outside as we load up the kids. It’s a comfortable 77 degrees.

7:40 am Kids are quietly munching on their favorite cold cereals (Frosted Flakes and Froot Loops), thanks to Donna’s pantry. I’m wishing I’d asked if we could have gotten a picture with Stacy and Donna, even though I didn’t because I knew how I would have felt if Donna had asked it and I had gotten up so early just to say good-bye to house guests. Still, I’m regretting it.

7:58 am We’re following behind a pick-up truck loaded down with watermelons going to market. Notice as we pass that some of the melons are mammoth!

8:18 am Stop to fuel up, empty garbage, and grab the Learning Notebooks from the back of the van. It’s 81 degrees.

8:58 am We watch a huge tractor trailer truck full of chickens pull into Tyson, in Carthage, MS, unaware of their inevitable fate. I spend a couple of minutes recalling the good fried chicken we had, once at Uncle Jo and Aunt Rita’s and once at the Blue Reunion.

9:05 am Look at Eric’s GPS and notice we have 2204.2 miles to go. The GPS estimates that will take us 42:53 hours. Wonder what they would estimate if you could factor in three kids five and under?

10:36 am Heavy, brief rain.

11:22 am We cross the border into Tennessee. I remind the kids we are staying in a hotel tonight, Mercy starts saying “Yippee!” (Never mind she was begging me this morning not to leave, she wanted to stay in Sarah’s room.) Gracie, hearing Mercy, started chanting, “Yippee! Yippee!”

11:34 am Almost missed crossing the Mississippi River again. Got a quick, but very blurry picture.

11:36 am Incredibly bouncy road, felt like we were on an amusement ride.

11:47 am Everyone is getting incredibly whiny. Pull out a Sugar Creek Gang to see if it can buy us a little more time before we need to pull over for lunch.

12:35 pm Pull off at a Burger King for lunch. Takes me 15-20 minutes to get Gracie stripped of her soaked clothes, Daniel into his daytime clothes, and Mercy changed out of a wet Pull-up. After lunch we head over to Lowe’s. Eric’s decided it might be wise to go ahead and cover the tire with a tarp. Ends up being a lengthy lunch break, however, we are all feeling more ready to get back on the road. I move to the backseat to help facilitate activities.

1:48 pm On the road again. The girls are busy coloring pictures of birds found in Arkansas

1:58 pm Look over and notice Gracie is sleeping soundly. Eric announces we are in Missouri now.

.2:58 pm Quick pit stop to fill up (and empty out).

3:15 pm  Lots of corn fields. I'm starting to feel like we must be getting close to Indiana where I went to college. See Indiana plates.

Donna, this one is for you! I miss you!
3:19 pm  Cross the Mississippi River into Illinois.

4:17 pm  Pull out the Color Wonder paints. Entertains for quite a while.

5:08 pm  Gracie is starting to loose it. We're going to need to find a place to eat soon.

5:45 pm  Pull off at a Denny's with just about 75 miles to go.

6:44 pm  Got back on the freeway and saw those great painted interstate signs right on the asphalt roads again. Wish I had my camera handy. Maybe another day.

7:55 pm  Pull into Super 8. Tired. Ready to get out of the car. Our room is huge. Not the greatest hotel room but LOVE the size. Plenty of room for the kids to spread out and feel like we have a suite.

10:49 pm  Blogging and notice that Mercy has fallen asleep sprawled out on the bed. Tomorrow is Legoland.... Nite nite...


  1. DONNA, if you see this comment, please give me Tammy's email so I can send her an invite. Thanks! I'm not always checking me email, so leave me a comment that tells me where I need to look for the info.

  2. Hi!!!! I miss you so much already!!! And you Stacy and I were just talking (well, maybe an hour ago) about how we can't BELIEVE we didn't get any group pictures of your family and ours! I hate that. I really wish we had. Maybe with your skills you can splice one together. haha! I am in the process of emailing you some pictures and Tammy's email address. I will also try to email you some of those funny videos we watched. The videos might be tomorrow though. But go ahead and check your email for Tammy's address. Bye!

  3. One, Two, Three and me...June 30, 2010 at 8:14 AM

    Cami -
    Glad to see your posts... have fun at Legoland. Is it really Legoland or the Lego mega store? Missing you here at home... we had a good weather day yesterday but it began to rain last night and is really wet out there today. I will miss you down at the Toutle this weekend... we are leaving tomorrow and coming back on Saturday... missing the bad traffic both ways we hope. Have fun and enjoy the moments!