Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day Five: Uncle Jo and Aunt Rita's

This evening Eric asked me if I would ever concider coming back if Mom and Dad weren't coming. When I said yes he just grinned from ear to ear. I think his prayer has been that I would get here and have such a good time that I would beg to come back every year. We're definitely having fun. I'm not saying that I'm packing up and moving here next week, but I am definitely enjoying myself and I am enjoying seeing how much Eric and the kids are enjoying themselves too.

We were here less than an hour when the family started showing up to eat good southern cooking together. I can't say I placed who every one was, but I stuck close to Eric and felt just fine. Trent, Danny and Tammy Jo's oldest son invited us to bring the kids to the fire station. He's a fire fighter and would love to give the kids a tour of the station.

We intended to sleep in, but the alarm clock was accidently left on, so Gracie was up at six. We had a lazy morning. Gracie had some time enjoying Aunt Kristi. Then we spent some time on the front porch, which is huge, like our porch in Haiti that wrapped around the front and side of the house. There are two porch swings, a wrought iron table and chairs, a fire pit with chimney/hood up through the ceiling, ceiling fans, and is fulling screened in. The scenery is pretty. You look out on the "little house," the garden, and the playset.

Grandpa Bill took the girls (and eventually Daniel) outside to the playset. I was proud of Daniel, who has been very nervous about poisonous critters.

After lunch we loaded up and headed out, following Tammy Jo for a tour of Atmore. We got to see some of Danny and Tammy Jo's real estate investments. Then we went to the Fire Station so that we could see Trent and get a tour. Trent was amazing. He put on the FULL turnout gear, carefully explaining all the equipment. Daniel was enthralled and thoroughly impressed with Trent. He pulled me down to his level and informed me that he was going to call his Lego garage the "Fire Station," Daniel got to climb up in the front and even got to sit in the cab with his cousin Lauren while Trent pulled the truck forward.

We followed Tammy Jo to their place so that this blogger junkie could connect and upload, which I did. Realized I was going to need to figure out how to resize my photos, or really Eric figure it out (which he did, THANK YOU, my dear husband). While I was being a computer geek the kids were outside with the dogs.

Tammy Jo gave them popscile treats. Daniel spilled down his front. Upset about his shirt he begged to take it off. I let him and snapped this picture. I LOVE how happy he looks. This might be my favorite picture of him. My little Dastin (the Lego minifigure who is a character in Prince of Persia who Daniel has noticed is shirtless) is adorable.

When we got back to the house we had another incredible dinner. We were hit with delicious smell of chicken on the barbeque. Yum. Gracie could not get enough chicken tonight!

Tomorrow promises to be just as full of fun for everyone.

P.S. No snake spottings. Thank you, Jesus! Keep praying!

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