Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Seven: Friday Leaving Uncle Jo and Aunt Rita's and Arriving at Stacy and Donna's

Last night was the roughest night yet (excluding the first night when we didn't stop and just drove through the night), Maybe the kids somehow knew it was the halfway point. Not sure. But both girls barely slept. Both ended up in the bed with us sometime during the middle of the night. I was so crabby by the time morning arrived.

I couldn’t decide if I was thankful or sad that we were leaving today. Finally got to sleep in the early morning hours, so it was hard to get out of bed and get dressed and packed up for the ten o’clock departure time that Dad had requested. He was thoughtful, when he saw me (I must have looked flustered) he said, ten o’clock was just a goal, an approximation. I assured him we would be ready. We were. It was ten on the nose when we had the van all loaded up.

I suggested we get a family photo. Eric got the tri-pod out. We couldn’t remember exactly how to operate the remote control trigger for the camera. After fiddling a few minutes, and everyone sweating and getting grumpy on the porch, we decided to just use the delayed timer and Eric rushed into the picture.

We were on the road by 10:45.

We stopped in Waynesboro at the McDonalds. The kids loved it because we all stopped together, Grandpa Bill, Grandma Grete, Uncle Stephen and Aunt Kristi, and the cousins. Then back on the road again.

Somewhere along the trip I noticed the temperature was 101 degrees. It was cool in the van.

We arrived at Uncle LC and Aunt Ruth’s between two and three. They welcomed us right in. We sat and visited for a while. Mom and Dad arrived a little after us because they’d stopped in Laurel to see a Gideons connection. Just as they were arriving we were heading over to meet Donna, just a couple of houses down the road, where we were staying.

I had been emailing Donna back and forth for a month or so and felt like I was already getting to know her and was really looking forward to actually have a face and voice to go with the stories. I suspected she had a great sense of humor from a few of her comments via email and I suspected we would be quick friends.

She welcomed us right in and showed us the room we would be staying in. Mercy was so thrilled. We would be lucky enough to use Sarah’s room (who is eight) and it had purple walls and lots of toys.

I started to notice Mercy’s face was swelling up, especially around her right eye. I called The Everett Clinic in Stanwood and talked to the pediatric nurse to find out how much Children’s Benedryl to give her. They told me to keep a close eye on her and to call 911 if she had any difficulty breathing.

After settling in we headed back over to Ruth and LC’s for dinner, which was delicious! More fried okra, which I’ve decided I really, really love. More cream peas (a little different from the night before), cream corn, meat, cornbread, and of course, Coke and sweet tea.

We visited until after nine. Daniel was thrilled about The Cartoon Network because he even got to watch a Clone Wars episode!!! Mercy was glued to the television as well. Gracie had fallen asleep sprawled out on the couch in front of the TV.

About 9:15 we loaded up the kids and took the short drive back to Donna and Stacy’s. Daniel had a mini meltdown, wanting to sleep in bed with us. We were very adamant that he would NOT be doing that. He cried and cried and said he just wanted his own bed (at home). Finally we got him settled down headed down to chat with Donna and Stacy for a bit.

A “bit” of chatting ended about one in the morning. I felt like I had reunited with a dear friend that I hadn’t seen in years, with who I was able to start right where we had left off. Strange and wonderful for only having started communicating through email about a month before.

We tip-toed back upstairs. Our kids had remained silent. We very quietly crawled into bed. Before long, it seemed, it was 7:30 and Daniel and Gracie started to stir. Mercy started to sit up around 8:15.


  1. Hey Cami! Creamed peas? Not sure if I could manage that! Your a trooper! Stopped by your house today to get wood, everything looks good, including most of your garden! Your corn is doing better than ours!! So, I weeded it, and a few other things until Kevin started wondering what happened to me!! Glad your having fun!

  2. One, Two, Three and me...June 27, 2010 at 12:32 AM

    Miss you guys... I am glad your kiddos slept better for you and you got some very needed rest! Way to go trying on that "southern cookin'"... not sure if I could do the "cream peas" either. I do love the Sweet Tea though!

  3. The cream peas, ladies, are more delicious than you might imagine. It's nothing like creamed corn. They are super yummy (I'm not really a vegetable girl).

    THANK YOU, SHERRY!!!!!!! Eric will appreciate it SO much. Andy has been mowing the lawn and keeping thing looking good.

    Miss you guys, but we are having fun. Still now snakes, GOD is GOOD!

  4. Yum I can't wait to taste creamed peas (I love peas) and the fried okra (not sure about that one). Now Mike that is a different story.... Your mom and I are starting our exercise program tomorrow. We are having a BBQ at Wantland's tomorrow night before our study. We will miss you. Glad you're all having a good time. Don't you even think about moving out there!