Saturday, June 26, 2010

Day Six: Thursday at Uncle Jo and Aunt Rita's

I had no idea how comfortable everybody would make me feel. Already I feel like I have known the Swain side of the family for years. They are just that easy to be around.

Aunt Rita keeps telling me that I am a good Southern girl. I drink SWEET ice tea, drink Coke for breakfast, love the heat, liked fried okra the first time I tried it, and love sitting on the their huge porch in the swing.
When I reminded her about the snake thing her response was as sweet as Southern ice tea, "You know, there is therapy for that." She made me feel good and loved.

We had a nice morning, slept in until eight. After breakfast I did a couple loads of laudry and organized clothes on the bed in out room, trying to reconfigure packing for the next leg of our journey. We leave for Mississippi tomorrow (Friday).

After urging from both Mom and Aunt Rita, Eric and I decided to take the afternoon and get away, leaving all three kids behind. Gracie was down for a nap. Uncle Stephen and Aunt Kristi were going to get the slip and slide out for the kids. Apparently we missed a crazy time. We're going to try and upload a video that Aunt Kristi took on her camera. Toof un, so sad we missed it!

We had fun while we were gone and I am glad for our little "date." Eric found an unsecured open WiFi signal, thanks to a Ruby Tuesdays. He connected me to the internet and I uploaded photos and text to the blog. He was patient. He says we sat there for 45 minutes or so. Then we went to the Bass Pro Shop. We just browesed. Eric tried to talk me into buying a couple of different skirts, but the one I wanted was too big to even bother trying on. On the way home he ran me through the McDonalds drive through to get an iced sugar-free vanilla latte. After no coffee since I left home last week, it tasted SO good. Hit the spot, yes, rivaling Starbucks (did I just admit that??)

The evening was more Southern food. I had fried okra for the first time and discovered I loved it. I also had top pick cream peas. They were sweet, a little like butterbeans, but they were tiny and green. Delicious.

All kids got baths tonight. I can't remember the last time they were quite this dirty. They smelled so good afterwards. Tucked into their beds and we're enjoying another lovely evening, just relaxing.

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