Monday, June 21, 2010

Day Three: Monday

7:15 am Eric is awake. I can feel him shifting again and again next to me. I think about just never opening my eyes. I doubt it will work, so eventually mumble, “What time is it?” It turns out to be even harder to get the kids up than it is to get my aching back to twist enough to roll out of bed. Too much turning around in my seat in the car to get something out of one of the bags for the kids.
8:33 am Breakfast. Less impressive this morning, but adequate.

9:31 am Tall cup of ice to chill off my Diet Dr. Pepper, an appropriate drink considering Dr. Pepper was invented in Texas. I might love Texas.

10:59 am Been reading more of my book this morning. Just closed it after reading a chapter where a snake going across the road is flung up into the undercarriage of a vehicle. I don’t think I should dwell on those kind of possibilities. Too late now. Might as well finish the book.

11:16 am 93 degrees.

12:10 pm 96 degrees.

12:51 pm Two pages shy of finishing my book we pull into McDonalds for lunch. Just walked across the parking lot and Daniel’s hair is literally wet from sweat.

1:31 pm Done eating. Eric calls Mom and Dad Blue and discover that Chipleys are expecting us for dinner. We still have 226 miles to go.

1:48 pm 102 degrees. I finished my book and look up to find Gracie asleep

1:52 pm Daniel asked me to count his chore tickets. The boy has really been saving. He’s got 58 chore and road trip tickets (that’s $29). He keeps pulling out his worn Lego catalog and asking if he has enough for the Death Star. Umm. No, the Death Star is $499.99!

3:22 pm Am trying to make a quick cell phone call to check in with my parents and Eric makes a speedy exit off the highway. I tell my mom I have to call her back. He pulls into a Carl’s Jr. and asks me to hop out and get a couple of milkshakes. So I do. Yummy! Just the refreshment we ALL seem to need.

5:02 pm We pull off at Walmart. I had Eric pack his own toiletries and he forgot his shampoo and hair stuff (yeah, he put “stuff” in his hair). Since we won’t be in hotels the next week we needed to stop.

6:13 pm Arrived at Chipley’s in Nacogdoches, Texas. Roast and mashed potatoes.

7:18 pm Nice little bit sitting on the porch swing. The girls were loving seeing Grandpa Bill. Feels almost like home now that there are familiar people.
8:12 pm The girls take a bath, then Daniel. Daniel tells me during cuddle time that maybe we could come every Summer. I asked if the twenty-four hours in the car was worth it. He said, "Yes, I think so."
**I really didn't take many pictures today. Too tired. Tomorrow we are going to try and leave by 8:00. We'll see. It's a nine or ten hour trek... we'll see. Mrs. Chipley has said she'll make us pancakes in the morning. The kids will LOVE that!


  1. One, Two, Three and me...June 22, 2010 at 7:50 AM

    You are making it!!! I love Daniel's expression in the photo! I was trying to explain to Wyatt & Makenna where in the world you guys went... they think it right by Seattle. (Long drive to them) Hope the hours fly by for you guys today! You have the right idea stopping for treats! Good tactics! Chin up!

  2. One, Two, Three and me...June 22, 2010 at 4:01 PM

    A blog I know you would LOVE... friends of mine...a good read.

  3. We all chuckled at your blog during prayer time Monday night. We also prayed for you guys. Hope today goes well for you. I love the fact that we can follow you on your trip. I will have to look up Nacogdoches, Texas. Are you halfway yet?

  4. It's a little further than Seattle, Wyatt and Makenna.

    Linda, so glad you guys are praying for us. We went the rest of the way yesterday. We'll head back towards Mississippi (we're in Alabama now) on Friday and spend the rest of the time there. Glad to be good entertainment for you all!