Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day Two: Sunday

8:03 am  I crawl out of bed. Eric's alarm has gone off twice. Eric has been wide awake next to me since 5:30. The kids are all snoring softly. I feel as good about waking up my sleeping kids as I look in the unflattering photo Eric took.

9:05 am  Breakfast at the hotel. Eric told me at least six times that we would NOT be going out for breakfast because they had breakfast at the hotel. I came from the era where breakfast meant a donut and orange juice or coffee. This was better than any breakfast I had seen at a hotel. Both girls ended up leaving with a box of Froot Loops to munch on in the car.

10:18 am  Pulling away and its 82 degrees and wonderfully warm. Having familar flashes of Haiti days when deodorant really needed to work.

12:13 pm  Daniel says he needs to go potty. No rest stop anytime soon, so we pull over and pull out the emergency potty seat (he still won't go standing up). After multiple assurances that NO POISONOUS SNAKES are in the road he gets out of the van, however he insists that the potty seat MUST sit ON the ROAD, not the gravel shoulder. Mom complies (she understands the fear). Still, no success. False alarm.

12:38 pm  Still driving. 95 degrees.

1:02 pm  Lunch at Taco Bell.

1:34 pm Back on the road again. Lego creations.

1:57 pm  Hit Albequerque. 97 degrees.

3:30 pm 101 degrees.

3:31 pm 102 degrees.

3:32 pm 103 degrees

3:40 pm  104 degrees.

3:47 pm  105 degrees.

4:09 pm 106 degrees. We've finally hit the heat ceiling.

5:10 pm  Down to just 96 degrees. Am halfway through my book, The No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency.

5:23 pm  Important phone calls to friends, like Makenna, about going to Mississippi.

5:44 pm  Pull into Amarillo, our original destination but have started talking about the possibility of pushing on a little further after a good hearty dinner... Daddy's choice since it's Father's Day.

5:54 pm  Spot a white stretch limo with HORNS on the hood. Scared to take a picture because I didn't want them to see me do it. We're obviously in Texas!

8:44 pm  Somewhere the time changed, just noticed. We had been going to Big Texas something or other restaurant because it was on a top 100 list, but due to a GPS "snag" we buzzed right on past it, seeing it in the rear view mirror on the other side of the freeway. Oops! So we pulled off at a Flying J because we HAD to go potty. Too tired to come up with an alternate choice we ended up at The Cookery Restaurant and Buffet inside the Flying J. We decided to press on to Childress to make tomorrow less stressful getting to Bill and Marguerite's friends close to the Texas-Louisiana border.

10:36 pm  Arrive at our hotel, Quality Inn. Looks wonderful. Kids winding down. Mommy blogging. Daddy checking the weather while watching the Food Network.

**Figured out how to rotate photos but Eric says I might be messing up the photos and that they might not import to iPhoto well when we return home... so might not do that again. Thanks for sticking with us. Knowing I'm going to blog helps me to jot notes down during the day.


  1. One, Two, Three and me...June 20, 2010 at 11:36 PM

    Makenna says hello on her Minnie phone right back to Mercy... She says "Now where is Mississippi?" Lovin' this... I feel like I am a fly on the roof of your van! (On the inside where the air conditioning is on!)

  2. We all will be praying for you guys tonight. I am sure I feel how you looked sitting on the bed. We have had the kids for 4 days now. That means 3 nights of Justin up at 1:ish getting into bed with me. I just lost my patience with Justin and raised my voice he looked at me with a scared look on his little face. I had to laugh then he laughed. Now I need to go say I'm sorry. Bye for now

  3. Kim, I'm so glad you and Makenna are following. Mercy was just running at the mouth with all the news to tell Makenna. Very cute.

    Linda, I feel for you. It is MUCH harder to have kids that aren't your own because they aren't in their routines at Grandma's. FOUR DAYS! You must love your son and daughter-in-law, and your grandkids, of course!!