Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Making Bible Study Fun

One of my favorite people stopped by this morning. She said it was my fault that she was needing to ask me for a little help. She's leading a Bible Study and it starts tonight. She's trying to infuse a little fun and creativity into the evening and she picked a theme. (She'd been to the Dr. Seuss baby shower I had thrown for a mutual friend and thought maybe I could help implement an idea she had.)

She's going with a "Movie Night" theme, which is so popular right now. Her son has brought over a projector to show the video that accompanies the study. She has shelled peanuts, turquoise bowls, a red gingham table cloth, and now she name tags that "Admit One". It wouldn't have occurred to me to make a Bible Study as much fun (or more) than a shower. What a great idea! Now I'm wishing I'd signed up for the Bible Study!

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