Monday, June 14, 2010

My Counters are Clean

The dust has settled from a wonderful party. My counters are clean and I feel like myself again. The party was worth any amount of stress (which really was next to none, Dad, so purge yourself of any guilt!) Prepare for a gluttony of pictures (among a gluttony of other things as well).

It's the morning after and the kids had lemon cupcakes for breakfast. Yes, I know that is a terrible thing to do as a mom. No, at the moment I don't care. They even had Coke floats for a mid-morning snack. I'm bad. Sugar crash? Currently Gracie is sprawled on the kitchen floor flailing her limbs. Fun while it lasted, but her body is screaming for protein now (she loves sweets like me, but needs protein like her daddy)!

Last night we had some good clean fun. We were celebrating Dad and Andy's birthdays together, since their birthdays are just two days apart. Grampy and Grammy came too. I made Chicken Curry, because it's one of my dad's favorite meals. The before mentioned lemon cupcakes and Coke floats were apart of the celebration, as well.

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