Thursday, June 17, 2010

One Day Left

It's just about here. My mom has been glorious. She is here entertaining the kiddos (singing and dancing, whatever it takes to keep them out of my hair). I'm doing the last minute things I couldn't finish off before now...

  • Final laundry so I can pack the last of the clothes. Daniel only has so many pairs of pajamas and we still put on fresh pajamas every night.
  • Library holds pick-up. We've got hours and hours and hours of Geronimo Stilton books on CD, along with lots of Ramona and even A Wrinkle in Time read by Madaleine L'Engle herself.
  • Cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. My brother is house-sitting for us while we are gone and I don't really want him having to deal with dirt and clutter. That seems like too much to ask.
  • Packing the kids' backpacks with a few favorite toys I'd stashed away.
  • Checking to make sure I have all the appropriate artwork and files from my computer so that I can blog along the way and keep you all updated (and make it look somewhat pretty, because I'm way too obsessed with aesthetics).
  • Writing some posts to schedule from my regular blog while we are gone so that any creep-ies who troll the internet don't think it's suspicious that I don't post anything for two and a half weeks.
  • Last run to Costco for snacks... granola bars, crackers, cheese, grapes, bananas... yum!
  • Anything else I've forgotten that comes to mine cross off items on my lists.

Hang on, we're about to take off!

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