Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Road Trip: Learning about the Journey Notebooks

I finally finished preparing the notebooks for the trip to Mississippi. I still have the route home to complete. But I have a huge sense of accomplishment. We are making more stops coming home so I don't feel like the notebooks are as critical that direction.
The notebook starts with a map of the entire trip to Mississippi so that the kids can get the big picture. Then there is a section for each of the states that we travel through. The state sections start with a state map that shows our route. I've included star stickers and major cities for the kids to mark as we drive through them. In addition there is a fact sheet about each state that I will go over with them, so hopefully they learn some new things. Then there are tons of coloring sheets. Some states provide free downloadable PDF files of their state coloring books. We'll let you know what works well and what ends having been a waste of time and paper.

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  1. These books are amazing! Your kids are going to learn so much. Heck, I would learn so much! You are so prepared, I think you all are going to make some wonderful memories.