Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Road Trip: Tickets

I think it was when my brother saw me printing these little tickets that he decided I was a little over the top. Maybe I am, but I am a big believer in having some tangible motivation for improving behavior. We believe in chore tickets at our house. The kids earn money by doing their chores (which vary by age, Daniel has five chores to do for his chore ticket, Mercy has three, and Gracie has two).

Chore tickets have cut down on the asking for stuff at the store. If they want something the response is ALWAYS, "You can save up your chore tickets for that if you really, really want it." They are learning about money and its value. They are learning, albeit slowly, about delayed gratification. And they are learning what "extras" are.

As on any vacation there are a lot of "extras". Most parents would probably just pay for all the extras for the kids, because that's part of the deal with going on vacation. Happy Meals at McDonalds on the road, souvenirs, trips to Legoland Discovery Center...

Our kids are used to having to pay to upgrade to a Happy Meal (Mom gladly buys them a cheeseburger or chicken nuggets at McD's when we go for a fun treat. If they choose to upgrade to a full Happy Meal with the toy, they fork over some chore tickets (which have a monetary value). The same thing will apply on our trip. We don't plan on paying for all the souvenirs or the expensive trip to the gift shop after our Legoland visit. The kids have already been saving their chore tickets. We, do however, plan to offer the opportunity to earn tickets more frequently on the road, for good behavior. (Yes, I realize we are still paying for everything, but we're hoping to accomplish two things by going this route: first, getting some better behavior and second, help them learn how to make choices and live with the consequences of their choices.)

I think Daddy should give Mommy some good behavior tickets too. What do you think?

Post Road Trip Update: The Road Trip Tickets were wonderful. I recommend something like it if you are going on a long trip. It really helped the kids to save up for souvenirs and it prevented a battle over always getting a Happy Meal.

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  1. Oh yes I do agree with you. Mommy needs some good behavior tickets also