Saturday, June 12, 2010


I grew up with some very specific ideas on how I wanted to live and how I did not want to live. I knew I had a lot of my mom (and my Grandma Rue) in me when I had a place of my own and I needed the main living areas to be picked up and clutter-free whenever there was a chance anyone might stop by. Then I had children. They change everything and nothing at the same time. I still want, okay NEED to have things in order. But, anyone who is a mother knows that you don't always get what you need because you are constantly taking care of everyone else's needs first. At least until you break. Ladies, you know the moment I'm talking about. If you are a yeller, you yell. If you are a crier, you cry. If you are prone to attacks of insomnia you might stay up all night regaining whatever it is you need. I'm a little of all three. Sometimes I snap at the kids. Sometimes I lock myself in the bathroom after Eric is home and sort of watching the kids and cry my eyes out for five or ten minutes. And sometimes I stay up all night to regain some idea of order and control in my life.

My kitchen counter is causing my blood pressure to rise. When one of your needs in life is to live life uncluttered, there is nothing worse than a counter overflowing with stuff to make you feel like a failure. Even good stuff.

My counter is full of good stuff...

  • VBS Curriculum that is being fleshed out for eager little preschoolers;
  • Birthday party supplies for the dinner party I'm throwing for my big brother and dad tomorrow night, whose birthdays are just two days apart;
  • Daniel's Art projects from a Saturday morning painting session, drying

All very good stuff that I NEED to get off my counter. What are you neglecting because you are a mom and someone else's needs are coming first? Maybe it's time to re-prioritize.


  1. I TOTALLY understand what you mean by needing order and clutter driving you nuts. Well, maybe those weren't your exact words but, I am SO that way. I can't stand feeling like things are out of control, messy or not in their proper place.
    The area in my life where I'm currently experiancing this is our 3rd bedroom, the new baby's room. I've been trying to clear it out and totally re-organize it for the last week but, I just can't do it when Judah's awake. He isn't helpful. :) Anyway, I've been trying to work on it for 30min a day and it's getting there but, I can't wait for it to be done.

  2. Recently I got to the point where I kind of had a revelation that a lot of things in my life are controlling me rather than me having them under control. My kids sometimes run my house and I'm just chasing behind them cleaning up after them. My finances run me by affecting my emotions more than I'd like them too. My housework runs me because I'm always "getting caught up" on stuff. :( I don't like it and I brainstormed a big list on things I can implement so that I have things under control. But at the same time I know God's calling me to surrender and I'm not sure how it all works out. I think for me the key is to starting my day out right and getting filled up inside and letting doing things with God's strength rather than my own. Now I know this, but how to apply....So yeah, I understand. I sometimes feel like an organized person on the inside, but no one can see it because my kitchen counters are cluttery:)

    But also, I do not regret any time playing with my little ones...sorry I didn't mean to leave such a rambly comment:)