Thursday, July 1, 2010

Day Thirteen: Thursday

Today was all about driving. We drove and drove and drove and then we drove some more. I think I am really getting ready to be home. I am forcing myself to blog, though it will be uninteresting and bland. I'm not even uploading any pictures tonight.

Like I said, we drove. We pressed on further than planned because last night about midnight we decided we better book a room. When looking online the only one that looked decent around Mt Rushmore that was under $200 a night was in Custer (about 15 miles past Mt Rushmore). We called and found out that we could even get a two room suite for a $10 difference in price. The thought of REALLY putting the kids down and being able to stay up and do anything sounded wonderful after a couple of nights of having to all go to bed at the same time. We'd ended up letting the kids stay up far too late while Eric and I each did the things we felt compelled to do in the evening when we got to the hotel (I blogged and he spent time looking at the route plan for the next day).

Then the decision about whether or not to try to stuff Mt Rushmore in today came up. About an hour away we called to find out what time the monument closed... nine was the lighting ceremony and the close. We would have about an hour at Mt Rushmore before that. Sounded perfect. It was.

The kids did pretty good as we sat in and waited for the program to begin. Gracie kept calling the faces "Jesus". When the patriotic music started she started clapping. Later when applause broke out (for the veterans they were honoring) she clapped and chanted, "Praise Jesus!" Out of the mouth of babes...

By the time we got to the hotel it was late, the hotel attendant said we were the last ones to check in (at just ahead of eleven pm). But the kids were in bed within twenty minutes (a record) and they are quiet while I type.

So... we might actually try to make it ALL THE WAY HOME tomorrow. Daniel keeps talking about his bed. When we mentioned the possibility he started bouncing in his car seat saying, "Yes, yes, yes. I am going to run and jump into my bed!" The plan is to sleep in late tomorrow morning and then hit the road. If we make it, it will be super late, but I think it just might be worth it.

Can't believe all the fear and nervous thoughts running through my head just two weeks ago. I praise Jesus for his wonderful hand of protection and his merciful generosity in giving me the best family vacation we have ever had. A special thank you to all of those who played a part in making our vacation such a wonderful one.

By the way, I'm not checking email tonight, I'm probably not even going to take the time to read comments. I'm a little tired and looking forward to drinking a cold Diet Dr. Pepper and staring mindlessly at the Cooking Channel on cable, since this might be our last night in a hotel (no television at home).

I'll post again when we get home. Thank you for praying. Please continue.

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