Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family Photo

One of the goals I had for family vacation was a slew of family photos. I envisioned snapping them right and left. After all we did take the tripod and the camera remote for this very reason.

More than three thousand miles and not a single one. Hmm.

C'est dommage.

Sunday morning I wore a dress (a rare occasion if you ask my hubby). As I was getting clothes on my girls I realized that all three of us were in the same color family (brown). I told Daniel to tell Daddy we were going to get a picture. A little grumpy at me for my last minute barking of orders before we loaded up in the van to go to church, Eric complied (probably because I was wearing a dress, which he insists I did ALL THE TIME BEFORE we were married). Of course you can't even tell I'm wearing anything in the picture!

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