Thursday, July 8, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend Wrap-up


We arrived home Fourth of July Weekend. We pulled in after a full two weeks away at four in the morning (Saturday morning), exhausted. Our kids were so excited to see their beds. We unloaded the van and fell into bed, content and happy.

When we woke up (about 10:30) we spent the day doing chores. I unpacked and started laundry. My mom had come over and cleaned our house top to bottom while we were gone. However, the explosion of our "stuff" made it look a mess in no time flat. I tried to sort out and put away the stuff while Eric took care of getting the flattened tire replaced at Les Schwab (I just love them). Uncle Andy came by and got a sweet welcome from his nephew and nieces, who missed him terribly and had so much to tell them about Mississippi and Alabama.

We ran into town, returned books to the library, got groceries, and even picked up a Papa Murphy's pizza (because my husband loves me). When we got home we plunked ourselves down in front of the first Sugar Creek Gang Movie, The Swamp Robber.


We skipped church. Maybe that makes us heathens. I don't really care. I wasn't really ready to let people know we were back yet. I thought the kids might sleep in. They didn't, but it was okay because they busied themselves playing with all their toys.

Kim called and invited us for dinner and fireworks at their place later. We were thrilled to catch up with them, so of course agreed.

After lunch we decided to finish off our vacation with a trip to the Lego Store in Bellevue since the Legoland Discovery Center store had been such a disappointment. Daniel, Mercy, and even Gracie all got something. I was particularly proud of Mercy's choice (which I didn't get a picture of, of course, but it was a "girl" set that you could make a whole bunch of different things with.)

I helped the kids assemble their new purchases while Eric napped.

Then we went to Brian and Kim's.

The kids were thrilled to see the cousins. They had so much to tell them about our trip and they had so much fun playing with the cousins in their terrific backyard!

Dinner was delicious. And so were the s'mores!

The fireworks were amazing, especially for a backyard show! Gracie did think they were a little loud.

They loved the sparklers!

If my littlest hadn't been so cranky we would have gotten more pictures, but she was demanding a lot of attention. Plus, I just got distracted looking at the great fireworks. Thanks, Brian and Kim!


Monday was my grandma's birthday. After a lazy morning we headed over to my parents' for lunch and a little party for my grandma (aka Grammy).

Dad decorated the cupcakes in a super fun patriotic theme. Mom decorated the table, which looked beautiful. (Somehow I missed getting a picture of the table.)

The kids dashed outside after lunch. They love it when the neighbor's dog comes over. Gracie kept calling this one "Pinky," since Stacy and Donna's dog was named that.

We had such a fabulous time with our Southern family, but it is so good to be home.

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  1. A little girl on blanket sleeper pj's and a sparkler - that is one of the most precious moments life has to offer! I love it!