Thursday, July 8, 2010

Getting Back and Changes

Gracie is two. We are experiencing some parenting challenges with her that we didn't experience with the other two kids.

After two weeks of vacation on the road where nap schedules and quiet time was thrown out the window and bedtime meant starting in their beds, but ending up in Mom and Dad's bed if they woke up in the middle of the night, because we didn't want them disturbing the other hotel guests, or the other people in the house... we've had some re-adjusting required.

After the first night home Daniel said he was so lonely in his room, "Can't one of the girls sleep in here, Mommy?" I got to thinking about his request. He'd really enjoyed them all sleeping together on our trip. I decided to concede. The obvious advantage was we would have a playroom, which I've been wanting to have, since the girls (in particular) have a lot of big play furniture pieces (kitchen set, table & chairs, a high chair, two cradles, a dollhouse, a Barbie house, a rocking horse, and they each have their own rocking chair). Yes, my kids have been royally spoiled by their grandparents :) I've not known how to cram all the stuff into their room. I had to be satisfied with the kitchen set in our living room and the rocking chairs and rocking horse on our porch. So, the idea of a playroom sounded appealing to me.

We made the change. Mercy would sleep on the top bunk of Daniel's bed and we would move the toddler bed into Daniel's room for Gracie.

Let the drama begin...

Earlier in the day when my mom was watching the kids Gracie had crawled OUT of her pack 'n play! That was a first for us. So, it seemed like it was really time for the toddler bed. We put them to bed. I even read to them in their room, insisting they all stay in their beds while I read. Then I shut the light and said goodnight. I had told Gracie to get back into bed at least three times within the first ten minutes. Aagh! Things escalated. We were experiencing the fruit of all our bad parenting moments with Gracie (the baby who has been permitted to do things that the other two were never allowed to do... like watch TV in bed on the computer with Mommy and Daddy).

Consequences... ours and hers...

So we will be working it out and keeping you posted. Hopefully tonight will be better.

I'll leave you with some pictures of the playroom, which they love. Step one today was forgoing the nap and having them enjoy quiet time together in the playroom. I'm hoping Gracie will be so exhausted she's thrilled to see her bed in a couple of hours...

Counter clockwise around the room:
The kitchen (Daddy made).
The table (again Daddy) and chairs (Ross bargain).
The baby doll area.
The Barbie house, tool bench, and the tubs of toys.
The tubs, finally labeled again (because I like it that way). The blue basket on top is for toys I collect through the house that need to get put away (in the tubs).

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  1. I hope she goes to bed much easier for you tonight! I'll be excited to hear how it goes. I can't imagine switching from a crib to a toddler bed but, I know we'll be doing that before we know it.