Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Road Trip: Printable Mad Libs

I loved Mad Libs as a kid. We would come up with the silliest words possible and giggle so hard that I would snort. (Yes, snort. And yes, I still snort sometimes.)

Well, we thought Daniel just might enjoy Mad Libs on our road trip. Plus, we might even get to start teaching the simple parts of speech. If he didn't get the hang of it, then Eric and I could play and I knew he would enjoy hearing the super silly stories.

I'm cheap (plus there were a lot of expenses already associated with our road trip) so I went online and found a bunch of "Mad Libs" that I could print off and put in my trusty Mommy's Emergency "Are We Almost There Yet?" Binder.

I found some here. And here.

Post Trip Update: These were a hit. Daniel kept asking to do the silly stories again. I had to be patient and keep explaining what a verb, noun, adjective, and adverb were. But he loved it when we got to read the story out loud. Mercy just didn't get the concept, but shouted out words she wanted in the story anyway. It worked best for her to just say words and I would plunk them in appropriately, rather than ask her for a noun or an adjective.

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