Monday, July 5, 2010

Road Trip: Trolling the Internet

So it was decided, we were going on a Road Trip. I asked Eric how many miles we were talking about. He said about 2,800 each way. That translates into forty-something hours (each way), not including stops for gas, potty, food, or sanity.

I have good kids. I do. But I don't know of any child that enjoys looking out the window for hour after hour after hour after hour while strapped snugly into a car seat. So, I knew that the success of this road trip was highly dependent on my ability to plan ahead with some amazing games, activities, learning opportunities, and surprises along the way.

It's amazing what you can find on the internet. I started out spending hours looking for all kinds of tips for traveling with Preschoolers. I finally had to make myself stop looking and actually get started getting all that information into something we could take with us in the van.

Here are the most helpful sites that I found:
These sites were a wonderful place to start. I created a master list of all the items I thought I might use to entertain the kids in the van. I knew that I wouldn't likely end up being able to have everything, and there might be things I add later that hadn't been on the list, but it gave me something to reference without having to loose precious time trolling the internet again. Here is my list:
  • Digital Kids Camera
  • Lap Desks
  • DVD Player and NEW DVDs
  • Stories on CD
  • Learning Notebooks
  • Surprise Bags
  • Mini Battery-powered Clip-on Reading Light
  • Colored Pipe Cleaners
  • Magna Doodle
  • Lacing Cards
  • Joke Book
  • Treasure Bottle
  • I'm Thinking of an Animal (Game)
  • Books to Read Aloud
  • Mad Libs
  • Kids Radio Shows
  • Twenty Questions: Who Am I? (Game)
  • Crocodile Dentist
  • Legos
  • Coloring Sheets and Crayons
  • Special Road Trip Tickets
  • Magnet Dolls
  • Travel Bingo (Game)
  • I Spy! Book and/or Cards
So come back tomorrow and find out more!

Note: We took this road trip in June. These posts were prepared in advance and scheduled to post after our return. Check back tomorrow and subsequent days for more tips for planning a road trip with preschoolers.


  1. Did you get any products from the "travel gear" website? If so, which ones were good? Or was it just ideas? Thanks!

  2. Alisha, we got the travel trays. They were AWESOME! If you want to borrow ours, you'd be welcome to. They clip on their laps (all cloth & foam). Not sure how we would have managed the trip without them!