Thursday, July 22, 2010

Very Good Cami Kind of Day

The last couple of days have been the kind of days I love. Some may call the days lazy. I call them full of the sweetest things in my life.

My "babies" all slept in until eight. Breakfast of shredded wheat while watching part of a video (a habit started when I had to get the kids up and in a good mood quickly during VBS week... I realize it will need need to end soon), while Mommy checks Facebook.

Then a joint Lego effort that last for hours. One day with Daniel's Anakin's ship (which had been taken apart and pieces dumped into Daniel's very, very large Lego Collection.

One day on Mercy's creation choice from her very own pink Lego Collection.

Lots and lots of reading, because they are loving the chapter book I got at the church library. A little sadness when we've read the last page.

Then a little treat. Popsicles one day on the porch, until chased inside by a bee (at least Daniel was).

One day making apple turnovers because one of the characters in the book made them.

Slightly sad that every day can't be as lovely as these. Very content that we have this beautiful window of quiet in the middle of the busiest Summer we've experienced since we've had children.

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