Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up: Friendship

Friendship sums up this past weekend.

A year ago most of our small group was at a benefit auction. We went in together and bid on a week at Ocean Shores. When the time came only one of us could actual get away for the whole week. But most of us were able to get away for the weekend. We got in late Friday night and stayed through Sunday.

Six of us were part of the small group when it started five years ago (we brought Daniel in his carrier and he slept through Bible Study each week). All six of us were there this weekend and found ourselves on the beach together for a couple of hours. There was something so sweet about the fellowship.

This picture is my favorite.

When I was fresh out of college I worked at Warm Beach Camp for a number of years. During that time there was a group of us who were all on staff at the same time that spent a lot of time together, a kind of family to each other. I have a picture of us all walking along the beach (Cannon Beach) where we had gone for a Christian Camping International conference. Those were incredibly sweet years of friendship. This reminds me of that picture. When Eric and I were newly married we floundered to find deep fellowship. I began to doubt that I would ever again experience that sweet fellowship that can be so rare.

This weekend when I was taking pictures on the beach I had this breath taking moment when I looked through the lens and saw these four friends with our three children. This sweet friendship that we've been given far surpasses what I experienced in my mid-twenties. These dear friends are apart of raising our kids. We trust them. We love them. We are so blessed.

Where are you in experiencing the joys of deep friendship? Are you in the nourishing season of friendship that feeds joy into your heart? Or, are you in a waiting season between friendships? If you are waiting, keep waiting patiently and trusting. What God has ahead will be sweet and precious, in His perfect time.

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