Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Planning Underway

My Mercy turns four in less than a week and I've officially shifted into party planning mode. For me it's almost completely consuming. I definitely obsess. I must have asked Merc a dozen times what kind of party she wanted. Every time it was something different. She'd sit on my lap while I browsed the internet party sites and she'd say, "I want that party. No, I want that one. Oh, I want that one!" Finally I decided I was just going to need to pick. As long as there was pink somewhere and it was extremely festive, she would be very happy.

I wasn't finding anything I liked. Everything with pink was Hello Kitty, Princess, or Barbie. I wasn't really wanting to do any of those. Gracie's was just Hello Kitty theme and Mercy has already had one Princess Party. And I'm not quite ready for a Barbie party. Then I stumbled onto this You are my Sunshine Party

I didn't think the party was over the top, by any means, but, I loved the theme and I thought I could pull it off in less than a week. My mom used to sing this sweet song to me, I've sung it to my Mercy, and I know I've heard my mother-in-law sing it to each of the kids, too. It just seemed perfect and my mind started to run with easy, simple, DIY ideas that would add a lot of color and festivity without a lot of money.

So, forgive me if there aren't a lot of posts between now and Saturday (party day), but I'll be completely obsesses with finding pretty yellow, orange, and pink things...

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