Monday, August 16, 2010


I didn't grow up camping, but I sure have done a lot of it since marriage. Eric's experience growing up was the opposite of mine. It isn't that I didn't grow up not knowing how to do without electricity or having to use water sparingly, but that wasn't what we did for a vacation because we did that every day. Vacation meant getting away from such parts of our every day routine by going to a hotel.

Labor Day is a big camping weekend for Eric's family. Eric hates to miss even one of the camping weekends. So, even though our son's first day of Kindergarten is the Friday before Labor Day weekend he wanted to go. I love my husband, so we started to brainstorm about how to make it more plausible.

We ended up taking our trailer to the place where we camp this past weekend and got it all set up so that we could just pack our food and clothes Labor Day weekend. It should be a lot easier, though I still have my doubts about how hard it will be for Daniel to get up and go to school for Day 2 the morning after we get back. Eric (and probably his whole family) thinks I'm far too uptight about such things. But then I am the one who is getting all three kids up after a long weekend of hard, dirty, outdoor play, so I'm allowed my opinion and nobody says too much about my cautious optimism.

Camping is great for taking pictures, which I do love to do. So I did get some lovely pictures of the kids this weekend as they played hard in the sunshine.

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  1. Wow - I think you are great to even consider going... it is a long way to go combined with a full week of important firsts. We have decided to not attend Labor Day... I feel badly in some ways because if my opinion wasn't there then there would be no question about going. We will also be moving the week after labor Day so there are some other things going on besides school and MOPS starting back up. Hugs to you! The pictures are adorable! Oh and BTW - I did grow up camping (tent camping mostly) and the Toutle is a stretch for me because there just isn't a whole lot to do there. I wish there was a "swimmable lake" and lots of biking trails. Oh well... it is free once you get there and the family love is all around.