Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Showing Sorry

I don't know how many other wives out there have ever said too much. Maybe I am the only one. A couple of nights ago I said way too much. I could justify myself by suggesting he started it by finding fault with something I did. But I didn't leave my telling him how that made me feel with specifics about that comment. No, I had to spiral downward into turning into the critical one myself. Why do we do that? It happens so fast and truly we regret it the minute the sour words leave our mouth. We know what we are doing. Usually our guys say things in ignorance, not with malicious intent. I tried to hurt back.

He said he was sorry. I said I was sorry.

In our house, showing sorry holds more healing power. So, last night I stumbled upon a recipe that I thought Eric would love. I decided to bake him a treat, even though I had wrapped up a monthly cooking session the day before and I could have gotten away with minimal work in the kitchen. It's called My Granny's Chocolate Cobbler and I found the recipe here. I could not believe how easy it was. No crazy ingredients, all staples I keep in the pantry. We topped it with vanilla ice cream and every last one of us devoured it. Yum!

My cutie trying not to get his picture taken while I was dishing up his special dessert.

So, if you need to show sorry to a loved one who loves chocolate, whip this up!


  1. You are definetly not the only one who has ever said too much! Wow... I totally relate to that. Well, I'm glad Eric liked his yummy dessert. It looks delicous!

    P.S Your blog is making me hungry lately. You've been writting about all sorts of yummy things!

  2. Love tasty kitchen! We just made the blueberry dutch baby from there. Its super easy and fun!