Sunday, August 8, 2010

Weekend Wrap-up: Fun Mess

Sometimes I am downright foolish in what I think I can accomplish in a weekend. Thursday night, after the fair, I had a burst of energy (I couldn't sleep). So I was up menu planning. Dangerous. I got into my monthly freezer meal files on my hard drive and I realized it has been too long since I did a serious cooking day. This summer we've done a lot of pinch hitting last minute to pull something together before Daddy walks in the door. I've gotten better at it than I used to be. Still, I dislike the feeling of looking at the clock at three and realizing I don't know what to do for dinner.

Friday night we hit Costco and purchased the foods we for my cooking day. Then after we got home and put the kids to bed I went back out, this time to Haggen, to get the rest of the items.

Saturday morning was a rainy mess. Eric had outside chores to do, but it was far too wet for the kids to last more than ten minutes outside. Bummer. That meant cooking inside with three kids at my elbow. Oh well. I resigned myself to the fact that I wouldn't get as much done as I'd hoped. I did get ten meals done. Not too shabby since I wasn't able to take the mom hat off while working.

Saturday night we went over to WBC where they were having Family Camp. Eric's mom's side of the family all goes (except for a couple of us that live close enough for it not to be a get away). We celebrated Summer birthdays.

Sunday was more Family Camp fun and lunch again at the lease lot there at the camp. Then Eric's cousin Brian suggested an impromptu fishing trip with for the boys. So the girls had an impromptu play date. The big girls played while Gracie slept on the couch. When Gracie woke up there was a bit of odd girl out, so I decided to get Gracie to help me make cookies. Peace again.

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