Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bursting with Fruit, How Appropriate

When Daniel was born Eric bought me a tree, an Italian plum tree. We were starting to wonder if we had done something wrong. Year after year there was no fruit. The tree hadn't died, just no fruit. It made me a little sad.

Eric took the day off Daniel's first day of Kindergarten so that we could take Daniel to school together. In the afternoon, until we needed to go back and pick him up he did outdoor chores. The day was beautiful. When he came inside he held out his hand, grinning, "The first fruit from Daniel's tree!"

I was elated! How appropriate, fruit was ready to be picked on his first day of Kindergarten. How Appropriate. I hope that the fruit that has been growing in Daniel's life over the past few years is evident to his teacher and new friends.


  1. Wow, how sweet! Amazing how God works like that, now you won't just have the memory of planting the tree for Daniel, but of this as well, every time you look at it. Did you do a tree for the girls, too?

  2. That is so amazing that you got the first peice of fruit on his first day of school. God sure planned that well!