Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Loving her New Baby Doll Outfits

I have been spending too much time getting ready for MOPS to start next week. I go a little overboard in wanting what I do to be "perfect". (Amazing how that is such a relative term.) The end result is time spent that could be spent elsewhere. But I won't change who I am overnight, even if I am able to acknowledge there is a better way.

Hopefully my own children haven't been as neglected as my blog the last week. The kids have been entertaining themselves quite well. Mercy has been enjoying some of her wonderful birthday gifts. She is loving the new outfits (both for her self and her baby doll) from Grandpa Bill and Grandma Grete. She loves being able to dress the doll herself. Gracie isn't there yet, bringing the baby to me every time she thinks she needs a fresh outfit.

So thank you Grandpa Bill and Grandma Grete for the gift of a few hours of self-entertainment for Mercy's birthday!

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