Thursday, September 16, 2010

Random Sweetness & Reading Milestone

I have a friend who had twins three months ago. She also has a son who is just a couple months older than my youngest. He comes to play with us every once in a while to give her a bit of a "break" (though you can't call it that unless she has someone watching the twins too). Yesterday we picked him up to play because it was her birthday and she and her hubby were going to spend some time together (she'd arranged for someone else to have the twins, I can't fit that many kids in my mini-van).

They all played really well. In and out of baskets... They sat on the couch for about four or five minutes to watch Toy Story 2, then they were up again looking for something more fun.

Gracie and Mercy were playing with each others hands while sitting on the couch, so tender.

The day had been special for Daniel too. When we picked him up from school he announced, "Mom, I can read!" Sure enough, in his folder was a book that he could "read" without any help whatsoever. He was oozing with pride. He read it to Mercy, then Gracie, then both of them. When Daddy got home he got up on his lap and read to him too.

Life is a lot of work, but boy is it sweet!

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