Monday, September 20, 2010

This Week I Will... Last Weekend I Did...

This week I will recuperate from last weekend.

Gracie with her favorite cousin Evan.

Last week was a blur of activity. Those who know me well know that I don't do non-stop activity gracefully. Saturday night when I fell into my bed I smiled at my husband and uttered the words, "Your wife has grown a lot." He smiled back and agreed. We both remember the time when I wouldn't let anyone cross our threshold unless things were "presentable". My mom taught me that.

Friday we woke up late. I learned we could all get out of the house in twenty minutes (included me showering). Dropped off Daniel at school, realized I forgot the diaper bag so went home before heading back out to meet my dear friend (who I've neglected chatting with) for coffee. Talked and talked. Then I took the girls to my parents because my mom offered to watch them. Then I went to Marshalls and Target because I was inspired by my friend's wardrobe (I was wearing a jacket I'd bought before I married my husband), she was wearing something she'd likely bought last week, looking modern and trendy. Pick up Daniel from school and then to my parents to pick up the girls. Then off to Alfy's with the extended family, my brother's treat. We stayed until Gracie started to get exceptionally ornery. Then Eric and I went separate ways, he to help a cousin move, me home to put the kids to bed.

Saturday Eric woke before six and left to scout places to hunt near home. When he got home around ten I finished getting ready and headed off to help a sweet friend set up for a baby shower for a mutual friend in the afternoon. When I got home around five my brother and sister-in-law were at the house with their kids. They'd graciously brought up the bunk bed set their girls were done using for our girls to use. I sent the boys to pick up pizza, while I tried to clean up my kitchen, which looked like I hadn't wiped down a counter in a week (which I had in fact done many times, I swear). We ate. We laughed. We visited. Then the boys all went to help the moving cousin transport a few more heavy, awkward items from one house to the other.

When I fell into bed I thought about the condition my house was in. I'd never let anyone besides my parents and my best friend Noel see it looking like that. I thought about how that was "growth" but that I still hated it. I longed desperately for Monday when we wouldn't need to leave the house and I could do laundry, vacuum, put things away, let the kids watch a video while I reclaimed my world. I fell asleep dreaming of such lovely things.

Sunday we did church. My three kids sat at the other end of the aisle, near my parents. Felt like I was worshiping alone, for the first time in a long time. Wonderfully needed. Saw my friend (who is married to Eric's cousin). She looked tired so I decided to invite them to supper, thinking they might need an evening when they didn't need to look at the boxes stacked in the various rooms in their house. So I came home and cleaned and cooked. Not nearly as unconcerned about the condition my house was in, apparently the feeling had been fleeting and I hadn't really changed.

When I woke up this morning I felt happy. Happy that today we don't need to leave the house until we go for small group this evening. I'll be fixing dinner for my in-laws tonight, but they graciously eat whatever I serve without finding fault. So today can be about scrubbing the stove top, the toilet, changing the bed sheets and towels, all while listening to fun music and peeking at my girls as they twirl through the house in the fun skirts that Auntie Kim (and Uncle Brian) gave them.

Life is good.

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