Monday, October 18, 2010

Crazy Love: An Introduction

Eric and I have been apart of a small group since Daniel was six months old. Our roots have grown deeply into the lives of two of the other couples in our small group (both were apart of the group, like us, when it first started). The relationship have nourished both Eric and I through our earliest years of marriage and the earliest years of raising our kids.

Lately small group, for me, has settled into something even deeper. Our study materials have varied every six months to a year. Some have been light, some have been intense, almost too much after a day with three children who were still too young for school. But we recently started a new study of the book Crazy Love, by Francis Chan. The main thrust of this book is that if we have an idea of just how big our God is, then wouldn't that invoke a crazy love type response from our lives? It should. It should affect every aspect of our lives.

Interested in hearing more? Check out this link.

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  1. I just got this book on the recommendation of a friend. Wow... I haven't started reading it yet but I can't wait to start. It is sitting on my bedside table just waiting for me.