Thursday, October 14, 2010

Girl Hair

Lately I've been learning to do "girl hair".

I didn't embrace doing "girl hair" immediately, which was really okay because neither Mercy nor Gracie had much hair until they were two, at which point they had what a child considered blessed with a head of hair had when they were born.

Before I was even married one of my dearest friends ever had a sweet girl whose hair she always did before leaving the house. When she was pregnant with her second child I was lined up to take Torrey, who was just 18 months old, while Mommy was in labor so that Grandma could be at the hospital. Mommy had packed just one set of clothes, so I knew what to dress her in, but the hair... I took her to see her mom and new baby sister in the hospital with the worst looking attempt at piggy tails that she has ever had.

When it came to getting lessons there was just one go to person, my dearest friend Noel. My dear friend visited me the other day and gave me a quick lesson in doing "girl hair". She was inspiring and I've started to try some new styles. I felt slightly vindicated when even she couldn't do much with Gracie's hair.

This is a style I tried all on my own with just a website to guide me. This was taken after she'd had it up all day. I tried it first on Gracie, because it's supposed to be for shorter girls hair. It was an embarrassing flop that she refused to let me take out because she felt very pretty with her "fancy" hair. I intentionally did NOT take a picture. On Mercy, however, it turned out really cute.

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