Saturday, October 16, 2010

Saturday Night Life

I love Saturdays even more now that Daniel is in school. Even if we never leave the house and Daddy is outside all day, there is something wonderful about Saturdays.

We had a really early dinner. I felt like trying a new recipe, Apple Cinnamon Pork Chops. I loved them, Eric isn't as fond of sweet and cinnamon on meat. I thought it was super yummy.

While I cleaned the kitchen the kids were charged with picking up their toys. (It's amazing how LONG that can take.) Eric still had a bunch to do working on the doors to the shed he's building. So, I determined to keep the kids busy until bedtime.

Once things were picked up we headed to the dining room table where I had manilla folders with their names. We decorated their new "mail folders" using some pieces of scrapbook paper that I had received from Grandma Cook. Each one was unique and a bit of their personality showed. They were excited about the thought of leaving each other notes and pictures. Of course Mommy and Daddy each have a folder as well. (I decorated Daddy's for him and he was thankful that he was otherwise occupied.)

Then the kids played a matching game while I did Mercy's hair in rag curls. I found a tutorial here. We've been intentionally trying to do more with her hair lately.

Here is one hairstyle we tried earlier this week. She's been begging for curls since I unbraided her hair and it was a frizzy puff. My hope is that the rag curls will be a much prettier end result! I think she looks cute in the rag wraps. Daniel said she looked silly.

After the kids were tucked into bed I helped Eric hang the doors to the shed. I think we're both ready to put our feet up and watch some television shows online.

Update: Here's how Mercy's hair turned out. I loved it. So did she!

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